Links to band members’ websites

Current members:

John Heitzenrater
John Heitzenrater's Soundcloud page, where you'll find his compositions and other work outside of Hindugrass including film scores, songs, sketches and other things.
Jay Manley
Jay Manley's website, featuring information about his 21-string Saraswati guitar, his solo work, record label and composition for film.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson's Soundcloud page, featuring an array of interesting sounds for film and electronics, including devices of his own construction.
Ed Butler
Ed Butler's website, featuring his extensive work outside Hindugrass, with discography, links, and details about his setup.
Leah Gibson
Bandcamp page for Prypyat, Leah Gibson's outstanding new band with Duncan Webster of Hammer No More the Fingers.
Katie Wyatt
Katie Wyatt's KidZNotes is an El Sistema-inspired nonprofit organization that fights poverty and encourages positive decision making by instructing and engaging children in classical orchestral music.


Austin Wrinkle
Austin Wrinkle is a versatile drummer who has studied rhythm and drumming from near and far. By combining techniques and concepts from many cultures, he has forged a universal approach to playing an array of percussion instruments.
Tyler Grant
Grant Farm is a band on a mission. Tyler, Chris, Adrian and Sean are experienced players of renown in their own right, but as a unit they form a greater whole, and are working hard to grow into the best band that they can be.
Ryan Cavanaugh
Discovered by guitar legend John McLaughlin in 2006, banjoist Ryan Cavanaugh has spent the last 4 years touring the international jazz scene with acclaimed saxophonist and Miles Davis alum, Bill Evans.
Yunior Terry
Regarded as one of New York City's most sought after bass player, Yunior Terry is recognized for his big sound, versatility and contagious rhythm.
Evan Fraser
Evan Fraser is a multi-instrumentalist, performer and recording artist currently based in the Bay Area. Evan graduated from CalArts with a BFA degree in World Music
Bryan Landers
Magic is possible when you live in accord with your heart's joy. Bryan's has led him to study banjo at CalArts, tour and record in Nashville, compose music for film and TV in Hollywood, and, now, embark on an entrepreneurial journey in Silicon Valley.


There are not strong enough words of thanks or praise to offer these great maestros for their inspired instruction and great dedication.

Rajeev Taranath
Internationally acclaimed performer, Rajeev Taranath is today one of the world's leading exponents of the sarod.
Swapan Chaudhuri
Esteemed the world over for his purity of sound, depth of knowledge, rhythmic creativity, and dedication to teaching, Maestro Swapan Chaudhuri is considered one of the greatest living musicians and tabla virtuosos of our time.
Miroslav Tadic
Miroslav Tadić is a classically trained guitarist from the former Yugoslavia who is widely admired both for the individuality of his performance style as well as for his fluency in a variety of different musical idioms.
Poovalur Sriji
For over three decades Poovalur has performed with the leading artist from both South and North Indian Classical traditions.